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Moist Pumpkin Cupcak

Moist Pumpkin Cupcakes – moist, fluffy and full of pumpkin and pumpkin spice flavor! Please follow and like us:2083


PIZZA WAFFLES with just 3 ingredients! These yummy waffles take just a few minutes to make and are easy, cheesy…

A 2-minute PUMPKIN S

A 2-minute PUMPKIN SPICE SMOOTHIE is a healthy breakfast or snack that’s full of protein! Smoothie Recipes | Pumpkin Recipes…


cherry-lime-mojito-fresh-um-holiday-mixed-drink-4th-of-July Please follow and like us:2083

The BEST cocktail to

The BEST cocktail to toast spring! Very easy to make. Feel refreshed with this orange flavored martini. |

Coffee ice cubes, ba

Coffee ice cubes, bailey's and vanilla vodka. Hello! More by melinda Please follow and like us:2083

Bikini Martini with

Bikini Martini with coconut rum,vodka, pineapple juice and grenadine

Bright, floral and c

Bright, floral and citrusy this Hibiscus and Cardamon cooler is refreshing and so easy to make! Delicious on it’s own,…

If you love a carame

If you love a caramel macchiato, then the Caramel White Russian will be a great coffee cocktail or after dinner…

Selbst gemachte Pfir

Selbst gemachte Pfirsichlimes mit Wodka nach einem Rezept von Sweets & Lifestyle® Please follow and like us:2083

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