About Crash Team Racing

Crash Team Racing was the fourth installment in the franchise of Crash Bandicoot. Initially developed by Naughty Dog and released on the PlayStation 1 in 1999.

In CTR, the egotistical space alien named Nitrous Oxide comes to the Earth to challenge Crash and his friends to a fast-paced, adrenaline-fuelled racing competition. Let him win, and he will turn the whole world into a concrete parking lot and make Earth’s inhabitants his slaves forever! If he loses, he promises to leave the “miserable rock” forever.

About Crash Team Racing

About Crash Team Racing

Save the Planet with your Ragtag Team of Drivers from the Crash Bandicoot series!

Nitrous Oxide claims himself as the fastest racer in the galaxy and travels the stars challenging creatures to a game of “Survival of the Fastest.” First, though, you must collect all 16 trophies and the beat four of his henchmen, Ripper Roo, Papu Papu, Komodo Joe and Pinstripe potoroo.

It is praised by critics for its gameplay and graphics!

Activate the weapon or power-up to wreak havoc on the other racers or supplement your performance!

Power Slide and Turbo Boost your way around the track, but be careful not to Spinout.

Gain Hang time by leaping over the gaps!

Make your way through 4 racing types on Crash Team Racing:

Crash Team Racing Adventure Mode:

Collect Trophies – Open the next arena by collecting the trophies to beat the boss!

Win Boss Keys – Beat the bosses to win keys to the next area!

Unlock Relics- Smash all the Time crates! Earn 18 relics for an Alternative Ending

Win CTR Tokens- Find all of the hidden tokens!

Gain Gems- Win four CTR Tokens to unlock Gem Cups.

  • Red Gems unlock Ripper Roo
  • Green Unlocks Papu Papu
  • Blue opens Komodo Joe
  • Yellow unlocks Pinstripe Potoroo
  • Purple unlocks Fake Crash

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Time Trial mode

You think you’re fast, eh? Let’s see if you can beat the fastest time on the tracks!

Unlock players and the Naughty Dog Scrap Book!

Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty levels!

Arcade mode

Quickly Race on a selection of tracks against different opponents!

Win Arcade mode cups:

  • Wumpa Cup that is composed of Crash Cove, Tiger Temple, Blizzard Bluff, and Coco Park.
  • Crystal Cup that is composed of Roo’s Tubes, Dingo Canyon, Dragon Mines, and Sewer Speedway.
  • Nitro Cup that is composed of Mystery Caves, Papu’s Pyramid, Cortex Castle, and Tiny Arena.
  • Crash Cup that is composed of Polar Pass, N. Gin Labs, Hot Air Skyway and Slide Coliseum.

Battle Arena

Battle with up to four players with weapons that are scattered around the arena.